The First Step of Healing Starts With SungateKids

Helping children survive and thrive.

Our Mission

Committed to creating a community where children can be safe and free from abuse.

At SungateKids, we empower children to use their voices. We believe this helps create a world where children are safe and free from abuse. We provide an investigative interview program, a therapeutic support program, and a child abuse prevention program. Working together, we can make our community a safer place for children.

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Our Programs

Offering a Helping Hand Every Step of the Way

SungateKids has been providing forensic interviewing and child and family advocacy services for more than 25 years. Our expert interviewers are highly trained, and together have more than 30 years of experience interviewing child victims of abuse. We work together in a multidisciplinary team approach with Law Enforcement, Child Protective Services, the District Attorney’s Office, and medical and mental health professionals to achieve the best outcomes for the children and families we serve.

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In addition to our forensic interviewing services, SungateKids offers a full-service Therapeutic Support Program. This program provides both individual counseling and therapeutic support groups for child abuse victims ages 4–18 and their non-offending family members and caregivers.

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SungateKids provides comprehensive prevention education for children and adults that empowers them to talk about child abuse and related issues.

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Therapy and support can have a life-changing impact. Here is what participants are saying about our therapeutic services:

So many people want to help and offer help - but the Support Group is different because people don't just offer help. They actually do help.

12 year old Girl

Know that you are not alone. Being in the Group with other people who went through the same thing as me made me feel like I could get through anything.

16 year old girl

Step one - breathe. This is a safe place and these are safe people. They will catch you when you fall, because they caught me. The beginning was bittersweet, because I was reluctant to get help. But in the end, it's all sweetness, because everyone became my friends and greatest teachers and healers.

Participant in Parent Support Group

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Give the Gift of Hope

All too often, child victims of abuse suffer in silence. By supporting SungateKids, you’re helping empower victims to disclose abuse, and to take that all important first step toward healing. You’re sending a message that the community cares about our kids, that we both listen to and hear them, and that we stand with them as they make the journey from victim to survivor to thriver. Give the gift of hope: hope for healing, hope for a childhood recaptured, and hope for a life free from the pain of abuse.

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Our Events

Bringing Community Together Through Special Events

SungateKids hosts events throughout the year to raise both awareness and funding for our programs and services. Our activities are enjoyable and lighthearted yet essential for providing the support needed to help victims heal and recover. Whether you attend as a guest or work as a volunteer, being a part of our special events means helping our community be a better, and safer, place for kids.

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